Herein you will find the “finding of fact” given by Attorney Michelle Soldo to the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office at the end of April of 2021. The sections shown specifically relate to the video I released about JD Carlson and his accusations that I threatened him. The record shows that I was acting as an independent citizen journalist and was offering Carlson the opportunity to explain his decision to send a confidential reliable informant in to gather intel during a constitutionally enshrined event.

There can be no freedom of speech or a right to free association if We the People seek to find a redress of grievances and discover that the only way to be heard is through peaceful protest and those protests are deemed unlawful. Thereby justifying the abusive tactics of public servants in using the criminal element as a weapon of warfare against We the People. That is precisely what Carlson did during the event in question.

Overall confidential reliable informants (CRIs) are known criminals that are taking some form of payout to provide information to The State. Most often this happens in drug deals through the use of controlled buys and wearing of recording devices as a lesser offender is aimed at a greater offender. In other words, the guy or gal busted with two grams of methamphetamine clearly purchased for their own use is charged with possession with intent to sell. The law enforcement agency throws overwhelming amounts of charges at the accused and passes those charges on to county attorney. The arresting agency then turns to the lesser offender and makes an offer.

This offer often entails an agreement to help nail the greater offender with heftier charges while the lesser offender gets some form of cushy deal. Lower charges; no charges; agreement to sentence to treatment; agreement to sentence to probation. In some cases, drug court is ordered and as long as the lesser offender is compliant with drug court, they are sent off scot-free.

While this may sound like a win/win for the State, it isn’t. It creates a revolving door of lesser offenders that know if they are willing to act as Agents of The State they can keep violating standing laws. Now, we can argue about the philosophical ramifications of the War on Drugs and how that war is waged here in the Republic of the United States, but law is law correct? Isn’t that what was argued in the case of Lisa Hanson? Didn’t Judge Joey Bueltel dress Lisa down in the courtroom for over twenty minutes for running afoul of the “law” by violating the Governor’s orders? Judge Joey told Lisa she was worse than a drug user or a habitual offender and that she selfishly kept her business and thumbed her nose at her fellow business owners.

One has to ask Judge Joey how many paychecks he has missed during this “pandemic”. Or maybe we should ask how many paychecks Carlson and Martinez missed during the same time frame.

This is where the egregious affront to the Constitution comes in where JD Carlson is concerned. Without knowing for a fact who the CRI is, I can state with near 100% certainty that Carlson used a petty drug offender or some other offender to operate as an agent of The State. This State Actor or surrogate investigator was almost assuredly being charged and/or investigated for crimes of far more severity than Lisa was eventually charged with. Lisa was charged with misdemeanors at the city level. The reasonable conclusion to this is that Lisa, an upstanding, constitutionally compliant Citizen with no criminal record of any sort, was subjected to strong-arm Statist tactics using a form of secret police (CRI). This informant, I will speculate here a bit, will more than likely have been facing at the least gross misdemeanor but probably felony-level charges.

So steep in that for a moment…Then consider this, if the CRI that Carlson weaponized against a Citizen wasn’t a criminal, then that means that the CRI was another law-abiding citizen. This should be chilling to you and to anyone you know. Either a citizen stepped up and volunteered to go full Nazi Brown Shirt or Carlson solicited volunteers from within the community to go full Nazi Brown Shirt. That volunteer was willing to feign being a constitutionally minded patriot for the sole purpose of seeing Lisa Hanson subjected to Statist Authoritarianism.

But what about the real safety concerns of Albert Lea. How is the Director of Public Safety faring in this area…?

Carlson was appointed as the Director of Public Safety in 2018. Taking a quick look at different models from various tracking services online (I am cross basically compiling from about 5 different sources for the sake of argument here.) we can see that as the Director of DPS for Albert Lea JD has had a stellar career. Currently, the average rating shows that Albert Lea falls below the national and state medians for violent crimes. This is great. But at the state level, Albert Lea is also marginally behind the median once you factor in cities like St Paul and Minneapolis. Overall, Albert Lea appears to be ranked safer than about 15% of US cities. Not in the top 15% but only safer than about 15% of all US cities. That is quite a feat for a city barely over 18K. Read that again, 85% of cities in the Republic of the United States are safer than the city of Albert Lea under the directorship of JD Carlson.

However, when you look at property crime rates for Albert Lea you see a different trend. Instead of being marginally lower than the state of Marxisota Median, Albert Lea way outperforms the rest of Minnesota by skyrocketing way above the state median. The state median per 1k is 21.07 and Albert Lea comes screaming in at 26.34 per 1K. This means that under the watchful and concerned eye of JD Carlson, 1 in every 38 people will be the victim of a property crime in Albert Lea. In wider Marxisota 1 in every 47 people will experience a property crime.

So JD doesn’t seem to be able to do much to stop the citizens he serves from being victimized by actual criminals. Yet Carlson sure does have the time and money to put towards colluding with Kelly Dawn Martinez to persecute a law-abiding entrepreneur and doing his level best to ensure she spent time imprisoned for the high crime of defying mandates that are arguably “legal”.

In short, the issue at hand is that Carlson is a Statist Enforcer and not much different than a Stasi agent. Sure Albert Lea feels like a quaint city to live in. Who can argue that Albert Lea isn’t a safe and secure little small town at the Interchange of America (yes I meant that precisely the way I said it) when Marion Ross from Happy Days has a theatre named after her there. But don’t go there hoping your property is will be safe. JD is too busy keeping you safe from massive viral agents operating bistros and selling coffee to worry about lowering the property crime rates.

But then again, ask the victim of a property crime how they feel. Ask them if the crime violated their sense of safety and security or if it even felt violent to them.

But maybe JD can’t be bothered with that. Maybe JD is afraid of someone or something else if he doesn’t help shut down dissenting voices…

Sic Semper Tyrannis!


Minnesota Black Robe Regiment

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