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For those who have never met me or seen my work before, let me introduce myself. I am TC Pearson, a traditional Patriot, an avowed Constitutionalist, a defender of liberty but chiefly I am Christian! A follower of Christ even in all my failing…

I can tell you many things about what motivates me and what drives me to take on this project. None of the things I can tell you are more important than the fact that my position is driven by desire to understand the proper role of government in the United States from a biblical perspective. I have had to change my position on a few things over time and through much personal arguing.

For years I misunderstood Romans 13:1-7 and 1 Peter 2:13-17. I took these passages and tried to apply them to the United States in the context of the ancient church. You could hear me argue, “Well the emperor of Rome made torches out of people so I think you can learn to submit to a bad governor or president.”

What I failed to understand was the truth that God ordained the Constitution to be our highest ruling earthly authority here in the Republic of the United States of America. After that comes, We the People, and then at a distant third place are elected servants. They followed up by appointed bureaucrats and other governmental employees.

At no other time in my life has it become more evident that we have lost sight of our bedrock documents. The elected servants seek to and often do rule over the people with tyrannical ham-fisted agendas bent on subjugating the populace to their whims. Few and far between are the men and women who actively work to serve those who elected them. Even more rare is the person who takes their oath to “keep protect and defend the Constitution” from enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.