“Saying Farewell My Way:
An Open Letter to My Colleagues”


“Saying Farewell My Way:
An Open Letter to My Colleagues”

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****Be aware there are several areas where I am quite sharp in my language****
This is the first of many many many videos and commentary:
Kevin Torgerson Sheriff of Olmsted County betrayed his oath of office in his unwarranted persecution of me for socio-cultural and political commentary. He along with Chief Deputy Brian Howard and other elected and appointed public servants in Olmsted County and other jurisdictions colluded to silence me.

While I agreed to a severance package and resigned, this was not my plan or my desire. I loved my team and my career. But this was the only way to get out from under the constraints of a petty local tyrant that believes himself untouchable and too polished to be exposed.

When I started with the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office in January of 2009 I would have never thought I would serve under a sheriff like Kevin Torgerson…

A man who should know the importance of the oath of office that he has been swearing for well over 25 years…

This is an introductory video to let you know that there will be more info coming out in the days, weeks and months to come…

This will be pertaining to my experience with the OCSO, Olmsted County and other entities and public servants such as those in the Albert Lea Minnesota Area…

Please stay tuned and consider filing data practices act requests about how much money Olmsted County and the OCSO, under the orders of Kevin Torgerson, spent investigating me, and numerous others over the last several years…

Please be civil and decent but consider filing complaints with OCSO and Olmsted County about the conduct of Torgerson and Howard as it pertains to their actions against me.
You can email and call them at the following locations:

Torgerson email:
Phone: 507-328-6765

Howard email:
Phone: 507-328-6837

You can also contact Human Resources and express your concern and discontent with their actions:
Phone: 507-328-7700


After nearly thirteen years with the Olmsted County Sheriff’ Office in Minnesota, Sheriff Kevin Torgerson decided to wage war on the Constitution and against me. This is how I say goodbye. But the story isn’t over!

I know that for some of you this will be a TL/DR (too long didn’t read) But I am enclosing the letter in a word document as well as in the body of this email. Most of you will never have to see me again or read anything else I write. If you would, please take the time to “hear my side of the story”. I promise you that I am not embellishing and will honestly answer any questions you may have. Thank you for considering reading this and for actually reading this! God Bless you all and please be safe!


August 30, 2021

To the Members of DSA-

As most of you know I have been out on Administrative Leave since the night of April 30th, 2021. Some of you on the roads and some of you in the ADC know me but many of you do not. What I do know, is that many of you will have had the same reaction that most of us have when someone we work alongside is placed on Admin Leave, “Oh boy, what did Bob do…”

I want you all to understand that being placed on Admin Leave was not a result of some massive ethical or moral failing on my part. Neither was it a result of poor job performance or failure related to my duties. Simply put, I was placed on Admin Leave because of my socio-political positions and worldview. The OCSO, under the direct orders of Sheriff Kevin Torgerson and Chief Deputy Brian Howard, did its level best to link my social commentary to my job performance and relied on inaccurate and demonstrably dishonest reports from a private attorney they hired, to build their case. None of my content since launching my Minnesota Black Robe Regiment YouTube channel on April 25th of 2020 has ever included any direct or indirect to the OCSO or my time there. I went out of my way to ensure there was clear separation between my activities and commentary and my chosen career.

The attorney they hired cost the county literally thousands upon thousands upon of thousands of dollars. Torgerson took this money from taxpayers and from his staff. That is money that could have been spent on any number of other items for the OSCO staff or on a multitude of programs. At the end of the day, I strongly urge the DSA to file a data practices act request for the data related to just how much money the OCSO spent on attorney Michelle Soldo to investigate me. This internal investigation went on for right at sixty days starting on February 19th or 20th. I only urge this because it will tell you how little Torgerson cares about his staff and the people he was elected to represent. The DSA is entitled to this information, and I cannot urge you enough to seek it. It will be vitally important to future negotiation actions with the DSA, OCSO and the county.

In the coming weeks and month or so there will be detailed accounts published of exactly what transpired. These accounts will include names, dates and actions taken by OCSO, Olmsted County and others in the area. I will be naming each complainant and detailing the inaccuracy of each complaint. I am telling you this now, because in the next few days you will be reading of my resignation from the OCSO ADC. I am not resigning out of guilt or due to pressure. The DSA board knows and will attest that the DSA attorney has stated that not only is my case winnable, but it is also 99% rock solid with the remaining 1% being left up to the arbitrary nature of judges and panels. Jim, the attorney, counseled the DSA that this is worth the fight. I cannot emphasize enough just how thankful I am to the DSA board for defending me and for the DSA in general! Please mend the fences and stand together as one solid group going forward. Torgerson wants you divided and at each other’s throats.

Moving on; when I win there will be a massive target hung on me by Torgerson. He does not like losing and he has lost several fights over the last two years. Torgerson is a well-polished political beast and a bully in private. We have all heard about or witnessed his temper tantrums when he does not get his way or hears things he does not like. Do not, under any circumstances trust Torgerson to have your backs.

If it serves his selfish political purposes, he will throw you under the bus in a heartbeat.

As for the county, during the investigation I was placed under Garrity and sat for well over two hours as the attorney didn’t ask investigatory questions, but literally attacked my character and my intelligence. After the investigation was complete and I was informed of the intent to terminate I sat down with Howard, HR and the county attorney’s office along with Dean Pike (DSA rep) and Jim (union attorney) for a Loudermill hearing. After that meeting Julian from HR asked Jim to meet with him privately. In that brief meeting, Julian asked if I would consider a buy-out and he was told no. Why? Because the case is too winnable.

In the ensuing days and weeks, I saw the mental and emotional affect this situation continues to have on my family. In no small part due to the affect it was having on me. Sitting here at home since April 30th has not been a vacation. I have spent hours and hours doing research and studying case law. I have been writing my own briefs and preparations for arguments as well as studying for a new career. Simply put, I cannot continue to put my family through this. What Olmsted County and Torgerson are doing is not just being done to me, it is also being done to my family. If that isn’t bad enough, it is ultimately being done to each and every one of you.  The longer I sit out and fight, the longer the ADC remains short staffed, and they cannot fill my position. Even if they proceed with termination, (which they will because Torgerson is demanding it), this will stretch out for a minimum of another six months. Would I continue to be paid? Yes! Is that right? Yes. Can I do that to my family and to all of you? No.

I decided to approach Jim and ask him what the buy-out would look like. Let’s be honest, if the county thought this was winnable, they would not have made the first offer. I asked Jim to tell Julian that I would be open to considering an offer but that they should not be insulting. True to form, they insulted me and made an offer of six weeks and also tried to put a cap on how much of my PTO they would pay out. As we all know, Torgerson and his cronies and HR are not interested in us, they are only interested in their polished public image. I flatly rejected the offer and strongly considered telling them we would see them in court. However, we entered into some back and forth and have finally reached a better settlement. Torgerson fought this every step of the way. It was only after Jim basically and professionally told them that they could take a flying leap at a rolling O and to Fauci right off that Julian apparently decided to go around Torgerson and talk to other decision makers.

 I have decided to take their final offer. I have fifteen days to rescind my decision but frankly I do not see that happening. It is fair to believe that Torgerson and the county would appeal every decision even if it meant taking this all the way to SCOTUS, (Supreme Court of the US). The current make up of SCOTUS would mean a win for me, the DSA and ultimately for all of you. As much as I relish the idea of eviscerating Torgerson in court and fighting for each of our First Amendment Liberties as private citizens, the longer this drags on the more it wears on my family and the worse I feel for what this does to the ADC team. I know how short-staffed we were before I went out on Admin Leave. I know it has gotten somewhat worse. The ADC needs to rebuild and the longer they have to hold my position the longer that takes.

There is another compelling reason. When I win, I will be right back in this fight within days or weeks. I am not going to stop producing content or commentary. I will not stop speaking about the things I see happening. No matter what happens, I will be forever on the radar and in the line of fire of the OCSO under Torgersen’s leadership. That means that this becomes a never-ending cycle and sooner or later that takes a toll. Over-and-above that, accepting their offer means that I can take the gloves off.

When I am done, I can tell my story and talk about Torgerson and Olmsted County as I choose. That is exactly what I will be doing.

I know that some of you have no idea who I am. I know that some of us have had some disagreements and arguments in my nearly thirteen years of employment with the OCSO. I have made some strong friends and have grown some close relationships over this last decade plus. Some of you on the other hand, will not be sad to see me go.

I have watched many people leave, and even more come and go. Yet, one thing has not changed; I respect each and every one of you profoundly. Whether it is the roadside or the ADC side, the backbone of the organization is the line staff. The strength is not in the administration, or supervisors, it is each of you. Each of you, when the fecal matter hits the whirling blades of the oscillating air mover, are the people who matter and make an impact. Torgerson and his chiefs are not going to come rushing in when one of you needs help. They show up afterwards and ask asinine questions and patronize people with empty pats on the back and hollow words of trite conciliation and “encouragement”. 

You are the ones that know how your team is dealing with the hard days and harder clientele. It is each of you that know when your teammate is dealing with hard family issues or sickness and loss. You are the ones that know when to step-up and pick up the struggling teammate who is exhausted because he or she has a sick kid at home, or they just lost one of their parents. You see the impact of the work you do and how it tears families and marriages apart and you know when to quietly and with the utmost of compassion pull alongside of them and ask, “Are you okay? What can I do? I am sorry.”

I have heard so many of you tell someone you work with that you love them. I have personally told some of you that myself. I have watched people with strong personality differences stand shoulder to shoulder with each other to takedown violent and angry thugs. I have watched so many of you work together to literally save lives over and over and over again. I have watched roadside staff work with ADC staff to convince angry and combative drug-fueled jerks to “just get out of the squad and get the worst of it over with”. I have spent more moments than I care to count wrestling with detainees on the floor of the garage with ADC and road staff. I have personally stood next to road staff to pull security on a body when the ADC had what is the worst of days. In short, I have seen all of you do what you do best, being human at the hardest of times and doing it with dignity and respect.

I am going to miss the laughter in the locker-room. I will miss the jokes with one another in the break room. I am going to miss the camaraderie of being in booking overnight and watching each of you laugh at each other as we deal with drunks and derelicts. I will miss hearing the road staff have the same argument with the same person for two hours straight just trying to get them to “take the damned test”. I will miss the teasing and good-natured ribbing that we all have given one another.

On some level you have all been family to me. Sure, it has been a terribly dysfunctional family at times, but that is where the love and respect come from. For my part, I recognize that I am not the easiest person to get along with. I was never short of opinions or advice, and I snapped at more than a few of you. I used to tell my family, “It is easier to come home and snap at you because I know you love me and probably won’t swing on me if I snap at you.” It was the same with us. It was easier to take my anger and frustration out on you because I could. You were safe. More than likely you weren’t going to swing on me, even though I know some of you wanted to at times. I have had some of the best and worst moments on duty. Some of you were there for most of it. I will never stop respecting what those of you on the line do and even more, I will never stop respecting you.

Stay true to your values and your ethics. Sheriffs and Chiefs come and go. So do captains and sergeants. Stay true to that oath you take. Each of you stood there and swore this:

“I, _________________________________________________________ do solemnly swear or affirm that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Minnesota, and that I will discharge faithfully the duties of the office of __________________________ in the County of ______________________, the State of Minnesota, to the best of my judgment and ability. ____________________________________________”

Your oath was not to the sheriff or to the governor. It was not to the president or to any other public servant. You swore that oath to the people of Minnesota and to the Republic of the United States. You swore to uphold the United States Constitution and the Minnesota Constitution. I beseech you to never forget that. Hold to it. Adhere to that oath. Never allow the words, “I was just doing my job,” or “I was just following orders” to pass your lips. The day is coming when they will demand more and more fealty to the job and the sheriff and less to the principles and ideals of the Republic. Each of you will need to determine for yourself what is more important, paychecks and benefits or preserving that Republic.

                No, I do not mean that in a hyperbolic way. I am fully serious. All over the United States we are seeing men and women who take the same oath that you took, being pushed into choosing between protecting the liberties ensconced in the Constitution or following orders that are clearly and directly flagrant abuses of the Constitutional Liberties of We the People. You must ask yourselves now, “How far am I willing to go. How far will I let them push me?” Only you can decide that for you.

I can only implore you to remember your oath and to remember that it matters. The Constitution is your highest earthly authority. You answer to it and then We the People. If someone in a supervisory position dictates to you that you violate your oath, you are bound by that, that oath to refuse. You are required to disobey. It isn’t easy and it could mean your career, but what good is a career if you have given up your integrity.

Never forget that I am out here praying for your safety and strength. I am praying for your resolve, and I will never forget any of you. You have my undying gratitude, respect, and concern. Also remember, what they can do to me, they can do to each of you. Watch out for one another. You are the only ones who will. Keep your resolve and stand on your oath. Be safe but more importantly stand for liberty!

Sic Semper Tyrannis!

Goodbye and GOD speed!

-Todd Pearson

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I also encourage you to verify the truth of what I said about my content on YouTube by watching a few of my videos prior to September 2021:


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